Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Sentence Structure

There was a geek named Bob who got himself a lottery ticket. He was so excited to see if he won.

Bob went home as quickly as lightning and turned on the TV. He saw that Frazier Gazier was announcing the lottery ticket numbers for 5 million dollars. Once He heard the lottery numbers he looked at his ticket , then his face was shocked and he could not Believe he won. “OMG this is unbelievable,” said Bob. “What do I do what do I do.” “ I know I am going to skydive,” he said.

After that day Bob called his best friend Zac ,and then asked if he wanted to come skydiving with him. “Hello mate do you want to come skydiving with me?“Yeah sure”.

Bob went to pick Zac up, and then from there they went skydiving. Bob was a bit nervous when they got near the plane because he had never been skydiving before, and he didn’t want to do it. “I can’t do this” said Bob . “ Sure you can I am here and we're doing it together”. “OK”

They left and Bob looked down in great fear, then once it was time to jump the pilot opened the door for Zac and Bob. Instructors were there to tell them what to do when they jump. Zac reached for his parachute and looked down really excited to jump, But Bob wasn’t that excited.

When they were getting ready to jump the plane turned a little to the right, then a bit of gasoline spilt on Bob's parachute, But Bob didn’t notice at the time. Once Bob jumped the parachute lit up on fire, and then Bob screamed in fright. “Don’t worry Bob take the parachute off your back grab hold of me”!!! Zac yelled. Then Bob took off the parachute in great speed and tried to grab hold of Zac, as they got closer and closer to the ground. Then just as they were going to hit the solid and wet ground Bob got hold of Zac’s waste and then Zac got them to safety.
They got to the ground Bob was never happy before in his life ,and then Zac started jumping for happiness.“Thank you Thank you so much if it weren't for you i would of been dead by now” said Bob.
“No problem” said Zac. “I am never ever in my life going to Skydive again”.“hahahahahaha”
From there Bob never ever skydived again and they lived happily ever after.
L.I: To use Variety of Simple, Compound and Complex sentences
This week for writing we learnt about Simple, Compound and Complex sentences and finding them in text's. For our task we have been trying to write Simple, Compound and Complex in our narrative's. I learnt what Simple, Compound and Complex sentences are and look like. Example of a simple sentence - Bob kicked the ball


  1. Hi Fraidoon. Nice colours in your blog post. I hope that you explain what these colours mean to the rest of your readers, so that they might understand what you are doing. I look forward to reading your update as soon as possible.

    1. Yes I will make sure I update my work.