Thursday, 5 October 2017

PBS Blogging Journey - Day 4, Activity 1

Today I did the first activity of day four for the school holiday reading challenge, for it I had to find out about what life was like as an ANZAC soldier. I had to visit the Museum Website and find out 3 facts and write why it interests me. To get this information, we had to watch a few videos that explained the events that happened throughout World War 1.

Fact 1 - There was one time when the Turkish waved a white flag, requesting to free clean their bodies. This fact interests me because I never knew that you could do that in a war. 

Fact 2 - Austria - Hungary declared war on Serbia supported by Germany, then the Russians declared war on Austria - Hungary supported by France. Once Germany invaded France through Belgium, and then came the British, until all countries were included in this war making it a world war. The reason this fact interests me is because that one small thing can lead to something huge.

Fact 3 -  Over 44,00 ANZAC troops died because they missed the spot hey were supposed to land at, they landed near a cliff where the enemy troops were. This fact is interesting to me because by making a small mistake can really cost you.


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  2. Hello Fraidon well done on completing the first task of day 4. I really like your detailed blurb of your blog post explaining what we needed to do and I also like the reasons why you found each fact you listed interesting and the the font of this blog post. Keep it up!

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  4. Hi Fraidon,
    Great job on finishing the first activity for day 4 of the holiday blogging challenge! I also found those facts interesting, especially the first one. Did you know about any of these facts? And did you find this a hard challenge? I hope to see more amazing posts Fraidon.
    Keep Up The Awesome Blogging!

    - Jack

  5. Hi Fraidoon
    Great job on this activity. The facts that you have listed are interesting. I think you are right, one small mistake in a war could cost you a lot. Well done.

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  7. Hi Fraidon!
    Great job on completing this activity! I like how you explained what you had to do for this activity. I have a question though: Was it easy to get the information from the videos?
    Great work!