Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Recraft The Soldiers

                                 The Soldiers

It was 12:45 and everybody was training. A few hours later Billy saw a man sneaking past the guards when the man was in a good place the man shot at Billy. But Luckily the guy that shot missed. At night when all the army people were asleep another guy named Ryan came and stole all the guns and ran away.

In the morning when all the people woke up to train they couldn't find their guns so they started looking for them. They needed to find their guns because at any time the german and turkish army could come and kill us. Then they looked every where then Zac found a gun and gave it to Billy because Billy is the most responsible and excellent soldier. Billy and Zac went to find the guns that were lost so they can give it to their crew members.

So they left the training area to look for the stolen guns. They both searched hard and still couldn't find them and a few minutes later Billy saw some guns. After that they went to take them but the guards saw billy so they started to shoot at him. When the guards were shooting at him he dodged all of the bullets and went behind a wall and started shooting at them till they were dead. When they were dead billy and Zac got the packs of guns it was heavy but they did it.

While they were going back to their mates Zac saw the German and Turkish army with his binoculars. It was good that they were close to where his mates were. When They got there Billy and Zac warned everyone that an army is coming so everyone got their guns and went to fight. If they didn't have their guns they would of gotten killed.They fought till some of the armies retreated. So our army went back to Australia. It was sad because some people from our side died. Those people’s parents, brothers and sisters were crying. But Billy and Zac were happy because they made it through the war.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Writer's purpose

This is my Writers purpose presentation.I learnt that the president wanted people to join the war. 

Friday, 15 May 2015

Anzac and Gallipoli Locations

Battle ships

This is my Battle ships map. I had to make it on a paper first, it looked the same but it had no pictures and the  size was smaller.Then when we were finished doing it on paper we did it on a computer.First we took a screen shot of the turkey map then after that we made a grid.We put numbers and letters on the side.

          I learnt how to read co-ordinates 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

MRS J.Taylor Africa Animals

Today Mrs Taylor came to our class to show a presentation. Her presentation was about her going to Africa. She took really cool pictures, the animals were fabulous. Some of the animals had lot's of fur and some of them did not. The Elephants had really big ears ,it was nearly bigger then it's face.

My Compound Sentence

The NZTA said services north of Plimmerton were suspended while emergency services dealt with the incident, but services had since resumed.

The NZTA said services north of Plimmerton were suspended while emergency services dealt with the incident.
Services had since resumed.

I did this so my teacher knows I understand compound sentences.

Friday, 8 May 2015


               Zoo Recount

Yesterday me and the whole school went to the zoo. When we got their all of us went to explore the zoo first we went to see the Tigers. I really liked the tigers because it was very interesting and we could find out lot's of facts about it.Then we went to see the Wallabies and the Emu's. We wernt aloud to touch the Emu's because it would bite us and if it bit us we could of gotten a big brews. After that we went to see the parrots. One of the flew so it nearly hit miss Kirkpatrick's head.I was scared because I thought the bird is gonna come back again. Before we went to see another animal we went to have a rest. After we had a rest we went to see the Elephant.When I saw the elephant it looked really cool. The instructor said an elephant has more than 80 teeth. Another thing I learnt is it put's sand on it's back so it doesn't get sun burnt.
               IT WAS SO FUN!!!!