Thursday, 23 November 2017

Fire Station Visit

As part of our inquiry this term we have been learning how the fire service helps our community. Panmure Bridge walked up to the Mt Wellington Fire Station. When we first arrived there, we asked questions. We learnt that if you call an ambulance there is a fair chance a fire truck might show up before an ambulance, but that is okay because they are first responders and know what to do. We then went outside and got to see the fire truck the the equipment in/outside of it. They explained to us that when people are stuck in vehicles, the firemen cut/destroy the vehicle to get the person out. They then demonstrated it with a vehicle, with nobody inside it. We then asked more questions. I learnt that they have different types of clothing for different types of jobs.

Fire Safety

As part of learning about the community for inquiry this term we have been writing fire safety messages to help out our community. As a class we were discussing how we can help our community with helpful messages. I wrote a message talking about smoke alarms and why its important to have it. There is a video I have linked to show why its important to have a smoke alarm. There are also some places that you shouldn't put smoke alarms. I learnt that smoke alarms can save your life one day.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Learning To Motivate Others

This term the year 7's are learning about leadership. Today we were learning how to motivate others. We got into groups, which we then had to make a short skit about showing motivation. Josh, Dallas, Shakaia and I were in a group. After planning our skit we were sharing it to the class. I think we did really well. Next everyone made a Tagul using synonyms of motivation. Before putting the words on our Tagul we had to make sure we knew the meaning. I think that motivation means, when a person persuades another person to succeed and achieve their goal.

Mussel Harvesters

In maths we have been doing some maths problems. This week the problems we were solving involved using our times table and our division. I have worked with Oh Hsen to show our learning through a DLO (Digital Learning Object). We have included the backstory and the LI (learning Intention).

Monday, 20 November 2017

Similarities and differences

Compare the similarities and differences between both characters. - Zach and Master Zhang

  1. Similarities - They are both angry and confused.

  1. Differences - Zach comes from America and Master Zhang comes from China. Zach is a child and Master Zhang is a grandfather.

Today for reading Ofa and I were comparing two of the characters in the novel we were reading. The book we read was called The Ninth Dragon. It is abut a boy named Zach and he is going to China. The problem is that he doesn't have a choice. When he gets to China he meets this man named Master Zhang. He is really confused and doesn't know where he is because he bumped his head. Then he thinks that he is in the Museum where his Mum works but that is not true.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Police Team Visit

Today, we were lucky enough to see the Police at our school. The Police Dogs (German Shepherd) and the Police helicopter also came. The landing of the helicopter was spectacular. They landed in the top field of the school. After that they showed us the special features the Police helicopter has. The thing that interested me the most was the camera in front of the helicopter. It can find someone who is lost really easily. After we saw the great attributes to the helicopter, the Police dogs came. The dog that we saw was awesome and his name was Kahu. Did you know that a German Shepherd can run as fast as 65 km per hour! We also got to witness  how the dog attacks a criminal. On top of that we learnt how the Police force is a great part of our community. They help us out in so many ways and sometimes we don't even notice. They are great because they keep us safe from harm. A big thanks to Constable Cyrus for getting this to all happen. Everyone had a blast. 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Teeth Animation

This week LS2 has been learning how we needed to share a community message. We were learning about what would happen if we didn't look after our teeth. Before creating DLOs we looked at disgusting photos of bad teeth, to help us find out what it would look like. After we got into partners, my partner was Ofa. Then Ofa and I have created an animation on why people should brush their teeth. The question that we used was are you brushing twice a day? Throughout making this animation we learnt some new words like decay, cavity, tartar and plaque. We learnt that decay is when your teeth becomes to rot and it starts to disappear and for example sugar makes your teeth decay. The animation that we have made is mainly for Room 1. 

Thursday, 9 November 2017


Today for kiwi sport we had badminton with Kevin. Kevin is a professional badminton player. Firstly Kevin taught us how to use  a backhand/forehand strike. Next we had to find a friend to pass to and practice our backhand/forehand strikes. My partner was Josh. After hitting the shuttlecock and passing it we had to rally it to each other and count how many passes did you do. But there was a twist. One person had to use the backhand grip and another person had to use the forehand grip. The total amount of passes that we made was 59. This season was really fun and I can't wait to find out what we are going to do next week.

Film Festival - 2017 - 10 Year Anniversary

On Wednesday our school went to the Manaiakalani film festival at the Sylvia park hoyts cinema. This year we were celebrating the 10 year anniversary for the film festival. There was a total of 111 films that were made. Since our class was late we couldn't watch the movies for the first season, so we had to go to the second season. We watched the movies of Tamaki Primary and Point England. I enjoyed watching the movies of Point England the most because they were really funny. Tamaki Primary School also had great and creative movies. Unfortunately we did not get to watch our film because we were in the second season. The movie I enjoyed the most was from Point England. It was about a boy trying to tell a story, but each time he tried to introduce the story a different film would play. After we came back to school we made blog comments on other school's movies. I had really fun and can't wait for next year. 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Fox Adaptations

Today for Inquiry LS2 were learning about animal adaptation. We had to choose an animal that starts with the first letter of our name. My name starts with a F, so I decided to research about Fox. We made DLO's of our animal and how it has adapted to living in its environment. In our DLO's we put information like their habitat (where they live), diet (what they eat) what they look like, etc. Did you that Foxes are similar to dogs. They are interesting animals and they can be found in area such as North America.

Thursday, 2 November 2017


This term for Kiwi sport we have Badminton with Kevin. Kevin is a professional Badminton player who plays for Auckland. To start off we were revising the skills that we learnt last week. The skills were juggling and using our forehand/backhand grips. Next we had to find a partner to practice serving and hitting it to each other. My partner Josh and I, each had five turns serving and hitting the shuttlecock. We had to make sure we hit it gently so it goes to my partner. Then we had a rally competition. Josh and I had to cooperate and make sure the shuttlecock dd not hit the ground. Also we had to keep an eye on the shuttle and control our swing, stance and direction. Every time we passed it to each without dropping it we would get one point, but if we dropped it we would have to start all over again. Josh did really well passing it to me and I did well passing it back. For our final score got 46 points.  

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Explanation - How Children Learn At School

This week for writing we have been practicing, how to writing an explanation to First we wrote on a piece of paper. Before writing it we planned our explanation so we know what to write in our text. Josh S and I were partners. We learnt that in a explanation there has to be a title telling why or how something works, the introduction which has a hook like a rhetorical questions, 3 Paragraphs of interesting points in order and the conclusion. The writing below shows you our explanation we wrote about How Children Learn At School. 
How Children Learn At School

Have you ever wanted to know how your child is learning at school. There are so many ways children learn, like talking to others to give them more confidence. They like to learn from each other by asking questions and giving comments.

Children love trying new things and learning from them. They have the ability to think and reflect about their learning.
They are capable of asking open ended questions, which helps them learn even more. 

Most kids have role models that they look up to. By watching their role model, it encourages them to be more like that person. Some kids like sport players and are eager to learn and train like them.

Kids can also communicate by giving feedback and feed forward to one another. They like to follow good examples in ways which interests them. One way is that they practice their new skills to get even better at it.

Children learn through numerous ways. They agree or disagree on other people's opinions in a positive way. Kids learn best with and from each other.