Monday, 30 November 2015

8 Times tables

This is my 8 Times Table presentation.  I did this so I can get faster at saying it without thinking.. I learnt how to say 8 times tables in another language.

7 Times Tables

This is my 7 Times Tables digital learning object . I did this so I can get faster at saying it without thinking.

Word Web

This is Oh Hsen, Me and Daniel's word web. Our word was Authority. I did this so I can get better at my vocabulary.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Show Me

Show me, don’t tell me

WALT write descriptive sentences.

Tell me sentence
Show me sentence
There was a boy called Seth.
Seth was running because he was afraid…
Seth ran fast, as the wind blew in his face.
There was a boy called Rohan.
Rohan hid there in the grey tree trunk.
pIt was night time
Outside there was no light and it was very dark.
Rohan ran away from school because he got a letter.
As my feet carried me across the school grounds, my hand clutched the letter from Mr Wong.
Rohan ran as fast as he could to get away from the villains in the forest.
Rohan believed that he will make it out alive.
Once there was a boy named harald
He was running away from extraordinary Tsunami  
There was boy called rohan he was running in the park.
Rohan ran in the dusty of the woods.
Once  there was a boy called Rohan
Rohan vanished the whole school.
Seth ran to his grandpa.
As seth ran he was nervous to tell his grandpa happy new years.

This is my show me sentences. I did this so I can get better at writing sentences. I learnt how to write better sentences.

Thursday, 26 November 2015


This is my 10 Times Table presentation. I did this so I can get faster and better. I learnt it in different ways.


This is my 11 Times Table presentation. I did this so I can get better. I learnt how to say 11 times tables in another language.

Word web rhyming words 2 Syllables

This is my word web. I did this to learn new words. I learnt new 2 syllable rhyming words

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Plot Planning

This is my topss. I did this because I wanted to do more topss. I learnt that T stands for Tittle, O stands for Orientation, P stands for Problem, S stands for Sequence and the other S stands for Solution. 

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Word Web rhyming words

This is my word web. These are rhyming words that match killing. I learnt new rhyming words for killing.

Pulley poster

This is My pulley poster. I did this because I didn't know that much stuff about pulley. I learnt how to use a pulley and I learnt some facts.

Monday, 23 November 2015

6 Times Tables

Today Oh Hsen and I did six times tables. I did this because it was hard for me to memories and I was quite Slow. I learnt My Six Times Tables.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Research a person

Research a Person

L.I. - Develop research skills
Skim and scan for information

Name of person: Sir Bill Hamilton
Date of birth: 26 July 1899
death: 1978
Image result for Sir Bill Hamilton

Where: Canterbury

When: He built his first boat in 1912 and passed away at 1978.
Why are they famous: He Made The Jet boat engine. He also made boats that travel in shallow waters. He increased the boat's speed. He made the boat go 27 Kph. He suggest the water jet to get a different pumping system. He retired in his 60’s

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Best part of Athletics day


Yesterday we had Athletics day it finished quite fast. My favorite part was the Sprints.It started with Yr 0 to Yr 8. I was really nervous Because there were lot's of people that were faster than me. We had to run 50m and it was kind of long. Most of the races I didn't know who won because they were running extremely fast. When it was our turn I was nervous.
First the girls ran and they ran like the wind. Tiava was running really fast but she came second and Sevalina came first. Then after it was the Yr 5 boys turn. There were to much people and we could only fit 8. So I decided to run after. Ofa was running his fastest then he came first. It was my turn and when Ms Kirkpatrick said go I ran and half way I tumbled a little but still I came second to last. I was very dissapointed, I did run my fastest and I came second to last but the best thing is I participated. 

Monday, 16 November 2015

5 and 2 times tables

This is my 2 and 5 times tables. I did this so I can say the 2 and 5 times tables in my own language. I learnt how to say the times tables in my own language.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Lever challenge

7357608430_9ea61aacca_b.jpgChallenge 2: Lift the stack of books.

WALT made observations about effort and load.


  1. Try moving the stack of books with your little finger.
    1. What simple machine do you need to move the books with one finger?a lever
    2. Why?because it has a fulcrum which is the block and it has a incline plane which is the stick and there is a load which is the stack of books.
  2. Use the simple machine to lift the books with one finger.
    1. Where did you place the parts of the simple machine?The fulcrum near the book
  3. Change the system around and try again.
    1. What do you notice?If the fulcrum is closer to the the books the book are easier to lift.
    2. What is easier?The book getting lift up.

  1. Conclusion: What is the trade-off? (What do you need to do to move a heavy object with little effort?)You have to put the fulcrum near the heavy object

Use this table to record your observations.

Changes in the simple machine
Difficulty to move the stack.
long stick
medium stick
Little bit hard but still managed to lift it.
short stick
Hard because I had to put all my energy to it.

  • Make an A4 poster / infographic about this challenge’s simple machine. Information it must have is:
    • what the machine is used for
    • how to make work easier
    • what the trade off is
This is our Lever challenge. We had to find out how it can make work easier and what it's mainly used for. I learnt how to use a lever properly.

4 Times Tables DLO

This is our 4 times tables DLO. First we had to write our 4 times tables then once where done doing that we had to record our self saying the 4 times tables in our own language. I did this so I don't have trouble doing the 4 times tables. I learnt to memerise the times tables in my own language.

Lever Poster

This is my Lever poster. I had to find out what the machine is used for, how it makes work easier and what the trade off is. I had lot's of fun making this poster and I learnt How it works and how it can be helpful.

Inclined Plane Poster

This is my inclined plane poster. I had to find images and facts and put it on the poster.
I did this because it is our topic and didn't know that much facts about it. I learnt lot's of facts and how it works.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Story Starters

Screenshot 2015-11-04 at 9.49.46 AM.png
There is a man named Leo he was a confident weightlifter. He went gym every day til he meet a famous singer named Lucy Sutton. They both liked adventures so they decided to an island on a pirate ship. On the way to the island they meet some real pirates. The bad thing was the pirates tried to kill them so leo and Lucy ran around to find somewhere to hide then they found a place to hide. Then they went hide then they saw a room full of guns there were rockets, crossbows, knives, guns and more. They got two guns a knife and got out of there hiding spot to fight the pirates.  Then they saw the pirates destroying their ship they started shooting at them some of them died and some of them went back to there ship. The pirates tried escape then Lucy went to get a rocket launcher. She gave it to Leo then Leo shot and the Pirates ship exploded. Then Leo and Lucy lived happily ever after.