Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Conclusion on Amelia Earhart

L.I: To Write a Concluding Paragraph

This week we have been learning how to to write a concluding paragraph. For our task we had to write a conclusion about an Aviator. I chose Amelia Earhart because She is really interesting and I was interested on how she disappeared on her flight over the Pacific Ocean.

Rap Battle

Stop it kids
We are the wright brothers, creator of the first successful plane,
I’m Tony Stark and he’s Bruce Wayne.
Without our brains,
you will be flying in your imaginary plane.
On 1903 history was made, we’re coming over you like a dim dark shade.

You think you're so tough but you are so stupid for taking on us.

And you There women with the legs of a giraffe, You are so annoying and so bloody daft. This is the end of the start, we are smarter than you even when we fart

We are going to whip you and lock you in chains,
We are winning this race because we’re in the fast lane.


This week Jeremiah and I have made a Rap to go up against San Kyaw and Tiava. Jeremiah and I are the Wright brothers, Tiava is Amelia Earhart and San Kyaw is Richard Pearce.

Travel Measurment

L.I: To understand units of measurements and To investigate units of measurements.

This week we have been measuring the distance between two countries. I liked doing this because I learnt that from the madrid stadium Santiago Bernabeu To Stamford bridge Stadium is 13, 764. Click Here For My Map

Timeline - Richard Pearce and The Wright Brothers

L.I. To scan for key information and to skim text for general
This Week have been researching about Richard Pierce and The Wright Brothers. Our task was to make a timeline about Richard Pierce and The Wright Brothers. I learnt that Richard Pierce was never married when he died.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Classroom measurements

L.I: To understand units of measurements and to investigate units of measurements.
This week we have been learning to understand units of measurements and to investigate units of measurements. For our task we had to make our own ruler using our thumbs and measure the things around the class. I learnt learnt to understand units of measurements and to investigate units of measurements.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Introduction: Amelia Earhart

L.I: To write an informative introduction
This week we have been learning how to write an informative introduction. For our task we had to write a  informative introduction on either Amelia Earhart, Jean Batten, the Wright brother or Richard Pierce. I chose Amelia Earhart because she is really Fascinating. I learnt how to write an informative introduction.


This Is my Prototec can do 

Barack Obama

This Is a I wonder on Barack Obama that I did with the help of Jeremiah. He Is the 44th president of the United States.

Biography of Jean Batten

… Biography

  • Jean Gardner Batten

Date of Birth:
  • September 15th 1909

Place of Birth:
  • Rotorua New Zealand


  1. She made the first ever flight solo from England to New Zealand.
  2. In 1935 she set a world record flying from England to Brazil in the Percival Gull.
  3. In May 1934, Batten successfully flew solo from England to Australia in the Gipsy Moth. Her trip took 14 days and 22 hours and beat the other England-to-Australia record of English aviator Amy Johnson by over four days.

Other information:
  • Jean Batten was an aviator who made record-breaking flights from 1933 to 1937. Jean Batten was sent by her parents to England to study music, but she became interested in flying and earned a private pilot’s license in 1930.
L.I: To research an Aviator and write a biography using key words and summarising skills

Jean Batten Poster

L.I: To Research facts about famous Aviator
Today we have our task was to choose a Aviator to make a poster about. I chose Jean Batten because she was an New Zealand Aviatrix. Jean Batten Is really interesting. I learnt that she was born in New Zealand Rotorua.

Biography of Amelia Earhart

… Biography

  • Amelia Mary Earhart

Date of Birth:
  • July 24 1997

Place of Birth:
  • Atchison, Kansas, United States Of America


  1. October 22, 1922 - Broke women's altitude record when she rose to 14,000 feet.
  2. June 17-18, 1928 - First woman to fly across the Atlantic - 20hrs 40min
  3. May 20-21, 1932 - First woman to fly solo across the Atlantic; 14 hrs 56 min

Other information:

  • Amelia Earhart was an American Aviator and an author who broke many records such as, first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. She also became a bestselling author and broke many other records.
L.I: To research an Aviator and write a biography using key words and summarising skills
This week we have been learning about Aviators. For our task we had to go off and write a Biography of Amelia Earhart. Amelia Earhart is very interesting to learn about. I learnt that during Amelia Earhart's flight around the world she disappeared over the Pacific Ocean. 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

How do Planes Fly - Explanation

How Do Aeroplanes Fly

Planes are really helpful they help humans get from one side of the earth to the other side. It comes in different shapes and sizes. There are four different forces, lift, thrust, drag and weight. American aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright (The Wright Brothers) created the first successful airplane.

When the plane's propellers spin it gives the aeroplane a forward force called thrust. Thrust is generated from an engine attached to the wings. Thrust is used to overcome the drag of a plane it.

Drag is is generated from every part of a plane, even the engine. It is the force that goes to the opposite direction of the motion. Drag is caused by friction and differences in air pressure. When an airplane is flying straight and at an even speed, the thrust it produces balances its drag.
Lift is the force that holds an airplane in the air. The wings create most of the lift used by airplanes. As a plane moves forward, its lift force increases until it equals its weight. When lift equals weight, the plane can fly.
Weight is the force caused by gravity. Weight and lift are equal when a plane flies. Because weight requires more lift, and therefore more thrust, heavy planes are more difficult to get off the ground as compared to lighter planes. Planes with less weight requires less thrust.

Planes are designed to be as light as possible.  Each force has an opposite force that works against it. Lift works opposite of weight. Thrust works opposite of drag. When the forces are balanced, a plane flies in a level direction. We are lucky that we have seat belts for safety and if we did not have safety we fall off our seat and hurt ourselves when where landing or taking off.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

High Flyers

Text: High Flyers

Plane, Richard Pierce, year 6, 7 and 8, Auckland point school

Propellers, complete, done, first, favorite, awesome, desperate

Film, Auckland point school, School, Nelson, New Zealand

Construction after 3D printing , complete

Film, ad, Competition

How? It took around 3 to 4 weeks to make the plane,

Summarise the text in 25 words:


L.I: To infer information from the text
This week we have been learning how to summaries a story only in 25 words. For our task we were sent off to read a text called High Flyers and get keywords on the doc, and summaries the story using 25 words. I learnt how to summaries using small amount of words.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Blog Commenting

My Comment on Jeremiah's Blog Post

Average weather in Auckland

  L.I: To Accurately interpret data and to accurately present data
This week we have been been learning how to interpret and present multiple data points using average and line graphs. The probability of going to the beach at January, February, march and December is really high because the temperature is mostly over 20. The probability of using a rain coat and umbrella in June and August is really high because the the average rain temperature is higher than 30. I learnt how interpret and present multiple data points using average and line graphs.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Balloon Experiment

This week for inquiry we did an experiment with balloons. For our experiment we needed a long line around 7m stuck on each wall and a straw attached to it. When we had that we blew up a balloon and attached it to the straw with tape. Once we did that we the group counted back from 3 and then Mr Ogilve let go of the balloon and it went from one side to the other. We did the same thing for each balloon then made a Bar graph on our experiment.

General Knowledge: Cook Islands

Today Jeremiah and I have made a General Knowledge on the Cook Islands. I really enjoyed doing this because I learnt so much new things. Around 20.000 People live on the Cook Islands

I Wonder Italy

This week I have Done a I wonder on Italy. I did This because I thought it would be a very interesting country to learn about. I learnt that a french painter called Leonardo DA Vinci painted the Mona Lisa.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Mannequin Challenge

Today before Morning tea Mr Ogilve had a brilliant idea of doing the mannequin challenge. If you don't know what the mannequin challenge is, You have to stand in one position like a mannequin. I really enjoyed doing this because I thought it was cool doing a challenge with the class. Thanks To Mr Wong and Mr Ogilve for making this happen

Explanation: Language Feature and Structure

L.I: To learn the structure and language feature's of an explanation text
This is my second writing must do for this week. For our task we had to make a poster showing the language features and structure for an explanation text. I learnt the structure and language features of an explanation. Next time I will try and learn more things about an explanation text.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Questions: How do Aeroplanes fly

L.I: To infer information from the text
This week we have been learning how to infer. For our must the was some questions we had to answer. I found this quite easy because I knew most of the questions I was asked.

Bar Graph's

L.I.To accurately collect data,to accurately present data & to accurately interpret data

Today Jeremiah and have been working on a bar graph trying to find out Ls1's favorite movies. As you can see the most favorite movie is Fast and The Furious because 26 people voted for the movie. I enjoyed doing this because it was fun finding out Ls1's favorite movies. It also helped me to explain Ls1's favorite films without writing down to much information.

Newtons Third Law

Today I have been learning about Issac Newtons third law. In our lesson we watched a video about newton's third law. In that video it showed if we apply a force on the ground it will give the same amount of force back. After the video we went outside doing experiments with a netball, small ball and a Hacky sack. Today I learnt what newton's third law is.

Monday, 7 November 2016

I wonder..... David Beckham

Today I was doing an I wonder project on David Beckham. David Beckham is a retired football player, playing for teams like Real Madrid and Manchester United. I

Friday, 4 November 2016

Wing Size and Lift Experiment

L.I: To investigate the effect of wing area on lift
This is our wing size lift experiment must do. We got given three choices to choose from in our groups. Then we had to cut them out and fold it the right way. After that we went outside to test our helicopters. We predicted that the large helicopter should have a fast fall and the thin helicopter is going to have a slow fall. We tested our helicopters and the larger helicopter had a slower fall and the thin helicopter had a faster fall. I learnt that if you have bigger wings it will have a slower fall and if you have a thinner wings you will get a faster fall.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Strategy place mat

L.I: To comprehend word problems.
L.I: To choose the best strategy to solve the problem
This week for maths we have been solving our group members maths problem. I chose to solve Mataio and Jericho's problems. I learnt how to solve my group members maths equations.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Jake and Alex's Time Adventure

This week I have been working on a narrative called Alex and Jake's time adventure. This narrative is about two boys who make's a time machine. Jake and Alex test the machine out and they vanish somewhere they don't know. Do you want to know what happens next, then read my story to find out.

I think (inference recording)

L.I: To infer information using clues and our prior knowledge 
Today for reading we have been inferring for events using this inference recording sheet. The text we were reading was The bishop, the Boeing and Billy the Pigeon. I learnt how to infer and record the text I have been reading.