Monday, 25 September 2017

Learning about Coalition

This morning we were learning what a Coalition and how NZ First Coalition will affect the election. A Coalition is when Political parties join forces to help choose a new Prime Minister. E.g: If Winston Peters joins Labour party they will win and if he joins National party they will win. To day I learnt what a Coalition is.  

Friday, 22 September 2017

Scale Drawing

For the past few weeks Learning Space 2 have been doing Scale Drawing art. We first had to start had to choose something that we were going to draw. I chose to do Batman. Next we had to make a grid on top of the picture. I found drawing the grids the hardest because I am not really good at drawing straight lines. After that we made an enlargement of our Scale Drawing. This was also hard because I could not draw the belt. When I finished my enlargement I had to color it in. Finally we had to make a name plate and choose a background color. I think my Scale Drawing turned out to be really cool, don't you think. I had so much fun doing this and can't wait to find out what we are doing next.  :) 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


This blog post is about Democracy. Did you know that Democracy is is originated from Greece and the word demo is the word demos in Greek and that Demos mean village. The word Cracy is the word Kratia in Greek and that means Rules, Power and Might.

Prime Minister

This is a DLO I made about a prime minister named David Lange and he was the 32nd prime minister of New Zealand. He also helped to make New Zealand a nuclear free country and he died in 2005. I made this DLO with the help of Daniel, Shannon, Oh Hsen, AJ, Eric and CJ.

Political Party Jigsaw

Bill English
Image result for bill english
Image result for national party logo
Jacinda Ardern
Image result for Jacinda Ardern

Image result for labour logo
Photo By Elections,
Public domain
Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 10.03.04 AM.png
Photo, By Maps, Public domain
Mt Albert
James Shaw
Photo by Green Party NZ/CC BY-SA 4.0
Photo by Source/Public Domain
Wellington Central
Photo by russellstreet/CC BY-SA 2.0
NZ First
Winston Peters
Winston Peters, 2011.jpg

Photo by AirflowNZ/ CC BY-SA 3.0
NZ First logo 2017.png
Photo by New Zealand First/ Public Domain
Image result for northland silhouette
Photo by Ridcully Jack/ CC BY-SA 4.0
David Seymour
Image result for david seymour
Photo by Wikimedia / CC by 3.0
Image result for act logo
Photo by elections / CC by 3.0
Photo by Eunice Minjeong/CC BY-SA 4.0
Marma Fox
2015 Portrait of Marama Fox 01.JPG
Photo by Wiremu Stadtwald  /CC BY 4.0
Maori Party logo.png
Photo by Wikipedia/CC by 2.0
WairikiImage result for Waiariki on map
Photo by SocialLink/ CC by 2.0
United Future
Damian Light
Image result for damian light
Image result for United Future party logo
Photo by New Zealand parliament, Public Domain
Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 2.34.14 PM.png
Photo by google maps, Public Domain


Gareth Morgan

Image result for Gareth morgan
Photo by
News Hub, Public domain

Image result for Opportunities party logo
Photo by Elections, Public domain
Photo by Eunice Minjeong/CC BY-SA 4.
This is a jigsaw I made about the political parties I made this jigsaw with the help of Eric, Aj, Cj, Daniel, Oh Hsen and Shannon. When I was learning about the parties I found out a lot about how the election takes place and to me it's really interesting yet very confusing.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Read An E Book Day.

Today on the 18th September was Read An E Book Day. Using the Tamaki College overdrive we are able to read E books. The book I was reading was called Shadow Hunters: City Of Ashes. In Manhattan, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle are fighting off demons. They return home, to the Institute, and find out that their mother, Maryse, has returned from Alicante. She's mad at Jace, and she didn't even bring them any presents. Maryse tells Jace that she believes he's been working for Valentine this whole time. (Valentine is the Evil Guy)She wants him to swear that he hasn't, and that he hates his father. Jace won't do it. Since his family's trust in him is broken, he runs away. He ends up in a dive bar with a bone to pick with a bunch of angry werewolves. While all this is going on, Clary and Simon are playing house at Simon's house, even though whenever Simon kisses Clary, she's thinking of Jace. Her lukewarm make out session is interrupted when Luke calls. He has Jace in his office (Luke seems to be the head of the werewolf pack Jace is scrapping with), and he thinks Clary can talk some sense into him. She heads to the bar, and once Jace is calmed down, he returns to the Institute. Bad idea. Maryse has called the Inquisitor, who plans on using her handy dandy Soul-Sword to see if Jace is telling the truth. Until this trial by blade, she's going to lock Jace up in prison at the bottom of the Silent City. Good thing he isn't afraid of the dark. If you want to see what other turn of events happen in this book you can find this book in the Tamaki overdrive library which is home to many books and you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Read an E-Book day website ---> Link         

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Say It Tika

Since this week is Maori Language week we were set a task to drop a pin on any place name in Maori that google maps says wrong. I chose Pararekau Rd because I thought they could say the name properly. I thought this task was good because it was different from some of the other tasks we have done for other language weeks. Check out sayittika to find a place name that sounds wrong for yourself.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tamaki College Overdrive: E books and Audio Books

Today we were introduced to something new. Using the Tamaki Overdrive we could read e books and there is also audio books if we wanted to listen to any books. The book I was reading was Shadow Hunters: City Of Ashes. I found this books interesting because it has lot's mystery and challenges that they have to face. I think the Tamaki College Overdrive is really useful because you can go on it when ever you want.

Taking Risks - Kiwi Can

To for Kiwi Can we were learning about taking risks. Our warm up game that we started with was called bip, bop, bounce. The main objective was to not get out (Obviously). We had to say bang before the person in the middle says "bip, bop, bounce and if you didn't you would be out. After our warm up we split up into groups and played a game called Hand Soccer. In this game we were only allowed to use our hands and score. We were also not allowed to pick the ball up, it had to be touch the ground at all times. Every person in each team had to touch the ball before scoring. Our team played really good, everyone was participating. But we couldn't score a few more goals, so the other team won. In my opinion I think the player of the game was Freeman because he was always taking risks and was a great team player. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

2 Word Sentence

For writing we have been looking at simple, compound and complex sentences. We learnt that simple sentences are mainly two words, which contain a subject and a verb. We had to write down three examples of a simple compound and complex sentence.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Read Theory

Today for Read Theory I read a text on how teddy bears were created. The quiz level was on grade 8 so it was a bit hard. I got only 4 questions right out of 6. The reason we do read theory is because that it helps us with our reading, grows our knowledge, how to comprehend, and improves our vocabulary.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Tech New Rotation: Food Tech

Today we had a new Tech rotation. We went to food tech. Our new teacher was Mrs Heka. For our this lesson we made an Oreo milkshake. First we needed to get into groups of 2 or 3. We had to listen and make sure we got all the steps right. Josh S and I had to choose our roles and what we were going to do. I had to crush the Oreos, get the ice cream and wash the dishes. Josh's jobs were to measure the milk and chocolate syrup, and dry the dishes. 

Steps for making the Oreo milkshake:

1 - One packet of Oreos and crush in a bowl.
2 - 2 table spoons of the chocolate syrup. 
3 - 2 cups of milk.
3 - 1 full cup of ice cream.
4 - Mix all the ingredients in a blender. 
5 - Pour it into a cup, then put whip cream and hundreds and thousands on top.

There you go and that's how to make Oreo milkshake. After making our milkshake we had to clean up. I washed the dishes and Josh dried them. Once that was done we sat down and drank them. In my opinion I thought it was really yum and I can't wait to make pies next week.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Why It's Important To Speak Out Against Bullying?

Today for Inquiry we were discussing why it's important to speak out and stand up against a bully. Bullies come in lots of different sizes. It is important to stop a someone from bullying a child because they are smaller and can get hurt very easily. If you see someone getting bullied you should help them and tell the bully to cut it out and stop bullying him/her, you attention seeker. Then ask the child if they're ok, and say don't show your emotions. Above is a short skit that Jaydon, Ofa and I have made about standing up to bullies.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Why It's Great Being Me!

It is great to be me because I am 12 years old and when I am older I want be a good businessman and make my parents proud of me. I am different from other kids because I like different foods. The foods I really like is Nandos, Pizza and Rice. In my spare time I like to play video games, Play with my friends and Play soccer. If I could be someone else I would be Cristiano Ronaldo because he has a great personality, he is not arrogant and he is an awesome Football player. If I had one wish, I would wish for unlimited wishes.

Key Into Inference - Map

 This week for reading my group (Ruru) has been doing Key into inference. I read text 5 which was Kim. It was about a boy name Kim who came home in the night without anyone in his house. He looked around his house and didn't hear or see any of his family members. When he went to the kitchen he brought out a torch from the kitchen draw and shone onto the table. On table there was a letter which said ‘Have gone to the vet, we shouldn’t be too long’. After reading the text we were given questions to answer like what time of day was it? My answer was the time of day was night time because in the story it says he stood for a while, until his eyes were used to the dark. We had to use part of the question and part of the text to get our answer. At the end there was a activity we had to do. We had to Draw a map showing the directions from our bed to the kitchen for a drink of water if the power was out and we couldn’t see. The DLO above shows you my how to get from my bedroom to my kitchen in my ho

Monday, 28 August 2017

Two Day Wonder Poem

Today for reading our group Ruru were doing poems. We had to read a poem called Two Day Wonder and then answer some questions about it. Today I learnt a new word called juxtaposition. The thing I found hard about this task was listing the words because it was a bit tricky finding them.

There is a clever contrast between the way the poet describes yesterday and today.  List all the words that give you a feeling of being sick, sad, depressed or bored. - Grumbled, Sulked, Dragged, Silent, Yawned and drooped

Now list all the words that describe feeling well, happy, bright and active from the second verse. - Gallops, Shines, Dances, Swish, better, Hurry, flying and clatter

The lines from each verse matchup 1 also.  List five of the opposite images.  This first one is done for you.
The street stretched silent - Cars swish, skateboards clatter.
Clouds dragged, low and slow - Clouds hurry, high and flying.
The World yawned and grumbled - The World shines and dances.
My bike lay on the drive - My bike waits by the garage.
The Dog sulked in his basket - The Dog gallops around the house.
Washing dropped on the line - Shirts, sheets, socks stream in the breeze.

This is called juxtaposition.  The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Careers - Surgeon

In LS2 we have been exploring careers. Recently we completed a careers quiz. At the end it recommend a bunch of jobs we should do. One of the ones I got recommend was a Surgeon. I was interested in that because I get lot's of money. We then needed to make a DLO on the career we found most interesting. I found a lot of interesting facts. There are also a few requirements you need to meet if you want to become a Surgeon. 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Today for our writing challenge we were learning about Capitalisation. For our task we had to rewrite some sentences that had no capitals letters. I found this task was easy because I got all the letters in the right place. 

Fraction Extranction

For maths this week our group were dividing fractions. We had to complete four set of questions. It was really hard, till we found out a new strategy called cross multiplication. After we had learnt that we were whizzing through the questions. I found this task the most challenging so far. The last thing we had to do was make a DLO. We had to choose one problem to solve, and include our strategy. 

Friday, 18 August 2017

Evaluation Of My Animated Digital Story

Evaluation of My Animated Digital Story
The digital media outcome will be an animated digital story in ‘Scratch’, relating to the context of Healthy Living in the Tamaki community.
The animated story must include the following:
  • Information on that informs readers about concepts relating to Healthy Living in the Tamaki community
  • At least two sprites
  • At least two different backdrops

My Animated Digital Story is about why Littering is a problem
My Animated Digital Story relates to the context of Healthy Living in the Tamaki Community because littering is unhealthy to the community and if it keeps on happening our home will be polluted.
My Animated Digital Story informs readers about concepts relating to Healthy Living in the Tamaki Community by telling them why it is important to stop littering.
My Animated Digital Story includes at least two sprites.  These sprites are a rotten apple, a boy named Scott and a girl named Kylie.
My Animated Digital Story includes at least two different backdrops.  These backdrops are a Playground, Soccer field and a beach.
I think that readers will enjoy my Animated Digital Story because It is persuasive and it will help them stop littering.

Changes and adjustments that I could make to improve my Animated Digital Story Include better backdrops, sprites and a longer Animated Story.