Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Special Visit

Today Panmure Bridge School had a special assembly. We were lucky to have Rachel announce the Summer/Winter Learning Journey for 2017-2018. Rachel was followed by the Woolf Fisher Research Center and the NEXT Foundation. First the Kapa Hapa Group performed and the visitors were really proud of their performance. Daniel, Mele and Ofa made a little speech about how we have participated in the Summer/Winter Learning Journey. I have been involved in the Summer/Winter Learning Journey for one year now and I think its a really awesome and a helpful programme to me. It helps a lot with my reading and I am looking forward to the next Summer Learning Journey. After the special visit everyone (including the visitors) had a free lunch proudly donated from NEXT Foundation. The lunch very delicious. The video above shows Daniel (Our Manaikalani Leader) showcasing how Panmure Bridge is a digital school and how we are part of the Summer/Winter Learning Journey.

Collaborative Christmas Challenge

In LS2 we have been learning how to work collaboratively with each other. Our task was to research a country and explain how they celebrate Christmas.  The country that we were researching was Germany. We were researching the traditions, food and etc. I learnt that in Germany kids place nice and clean boots in front of their door so St Nicolas (Santa) can visit them and leave a small gift. St Nicolas doesn't really come, its just a family member dressed as Santa. I found that Santa's name is really interesting because it's hard to read. 

Monday, 11 December 2017

Student Leader Speech

This afternoon student leader nominees were presenting there speech in front of LS2 and Mr Johnston. I was running for sports leader. I thought I did okay but I was really nervous. Maybe if I get this role I can improve and get even better. I really hope I am the sports leader for 2018. But if I'm not, its okay at least I tried

Sports Leader Speech

Hello my name is Fraidoon. You should vote me for sports leader. Why, I shall tell. It would be an honor and privilege to serve Panmure Bridge School as this role. I am a great choice for the sports leader because I have the skills for it.

Firstly, I am a loud and confident person, which means I can represent the school without being shy or nervous. I am responsible and trustworthy. I am motivated and will encourage others to join in on the fun sports. I will represent the school really well and will strive to be a better role model each day for all the pupils in our great school.

Equally I would be a great sport leader, because I am involved in most of the sports and the inter-schools.  The sports I enjoy playing are soccer and basketball.  I give everything a go and don’t really mind if I lose. All that matters is having fun and trying your best.

I am confident to be a sport leader because I never back down. I’m also a responsible, reliable and a respectful person.  One of my responsibilities is to do the bins when someone is absent or needs to go somewhere. I have a positive attitude in everything I do and I am always motivated to learn.

I always use sportsmanship at school and inter-school. It would be a pleasure to become a \school leader, which is one of  my goals that I would like to accomplish this year. This concludes my speech and hopefully I will be able to call myself a sports leader next year. I hope I have persuaded you to vote for me. Thank You!


Monday, 4 December 2017

Geometry Coordination

Today for maths we were doing Geometry. We first got given a piece of paper with instructions. Then we were using our coordination skills to link the lines and we had to make sure we went across then up. Not up and across. Daniel and I worked together really well and were able to solve the problem. Once we finished we had to color the dog in, I chose to color mine black  I learnt that we always have to go across and then up.

Tech Reflection

Every week, on a Friday morning the year sevens and eights go to Tamaki College for tech. So far this year, we have had three rotations. For the year eights, our rotations were (In this order), Food tech, graphics and hard materials. The Year sevens had Digital Tech, Graphics and Food Tech. In food tech, we learnt to cook and we made some amazing things like chocolate truffles and quiches. In graphics we designed and painted our jewelry and in Digital Tech we made our own animation using scratch. A big thanks to the three teachers that taught us: Mrs Heka (Food tech), Ms Ferguson (Graphics) and Ms Anderson (Digital Tech).

2018 Summer Learning Journey

On Friday, Hazel ( A member of the Summer Learning Journey) came to our school to talk about the 2018 Summer Learning Journey. She came to persuaded us in to joining in on the fun, while exploring through history. This program is set to help us more in our reading and writing. When we come back to school we are all smart and ready for a new year and ready for our tests. This program is happening on the 18th of December and ends on the 26th of January. This is a amazing event because you learn new stuff and you receive amazing prizes if you are the top winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd). This is going to be a challenging program because we have more participants from different clusters.

PE at Tamaki College

On Friday the year 7 and 8 students from Panmure Bridge School stayed at Tamaki College after our normal Tech session. We then got split into three different groups. The three groups were PE, Social Science and Robotics. I was in PE. Our teacher was Mr Moyes. To start off our session we played a game called infinity tag. In this game everyone is it. For example if you get tagged and another person tags your tagger, you can get back up. Also if you and another person tag each other at the same time, you have to do rock, paper, scissors. After that game we played Bench ball. The aim of this game was to get every one on your team on the bench. We had try and throw the ball to our teammates to get on the bench. To end the session we played a fun game of Samoan Softball. It's like softball but we could either kick the ball or hit it with our hand. If you hit the ball you need to run to the other side of the court and then come back without getting hit with the ball. Much Obliged to Mr Moyes and Tamaki College for making that day happen. Everyone had a blast and can't wait for next year.