Friday, 23 February 2018

Softball Reflection

Yesterday we had our first softball session for Kiwi sport. At Kiwi sport we were focusing on softball. Our coach was Alison who I would describe as very funny and serious. First we had to partner up and play catches. Catching was easy because the ball was soft. As part of softball we did a lot of throwing and catching which was pretty fun. We learnt a new move called the Monkeydile which means you have to kneel down and put your hands in a crocodile position ready to snap the ball up with your hands. We were to catch the ball from the ground as well which is called a ground ball. We also learnt that when catching a ball you have to use the butterfly shape with your hands. My partner Ofa and I found it easy because we've already done it before. 

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Te Wiki - The Week

For reading this week we read the next article leading to the treaty of Waitangi. The text we read was about the one week before the treaty of Waitangi was signed. It was an interesting book. While reading we had to note all the words we are unsure of or interested in. After reading the text we were to make a DLO summarizing the whole article. I worked with Ofa and Mataio. When we are summarizing a text we use a special method which is to write the 20 most important words, then the 6 most important words and write a short summary. This all links back to the words we were to write down while reading the text. 

P.B.S Whakatauki

Today was a busy day and we had to get to work. As part of our Inquiry this term we had to lean our Whakatauki and learn how to pronounce it properly. Ofa and I work together to make a Digital learning Object having our Whakatauki. I learnt that our Whakatuki is Mannaki Whenua, Mannaki Tangata, Haere Whakamua. I was struggling how to say the word Haere but I have learnt to say the word so many times even in my head I know how to say it. The English version for the Whakatauki is Care for the Land, Care for the People, Go Foward. This has been an amazing experience learning to say my school Whakatauki. 

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Olympic Values

For inquiry today our task was to research the Key Values of our School and Olympics  and make a comparison. In order to do that we needed to collect our information from the links that were given to us. I learnt that the Olympic Values are Friendship, Respect and Excellence.


As part of our math task we were solving out a math problem given by Miss Kirkpatrick. I was working collaboratively with Mikihiro and Ofa. For this problem we used our multiplication, division and subtraction skills and were lucky to get the right answers. At first we were struggling because we didn't understand it so we read it twice and wrote all the key points from the problem. After trying a few times we figured the answer out. Today I learnt how to use my times table facts to find a fraction of a set.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

How is Chinese New Year Celebrated? - Explanation

How is Chinese New Year Celebrated?

As you may or may not know Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated celebrations in the world. The New Year lasts for 15 days and on the final day they have a Lantern festival. Did you know that one sixth of the world celebrate the Chinese New Year? Despite the fact that Chinese New Year is full of joy and happiness, there was a scary background to it!

A long time ago there was a monster named Nian. Who would come to villages and scare everyone.  But soon the people found out a way get rid of the monster once and for all with the help of a wise man. They found out the monster was scared of the color red, loud noises and fire. After they got rid of the monster they turned it into a celebration that we know today to continue to keep the bad spirits away. Are you aware that each new year is represented by a different animal after the new moon rises?

The animals that represent the years are the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the monkey and the rooster. This year is the year of the dog, and its element is earth. People born this year are likely to be loyal and honest. 

Families around the world gather together from all around the world and eat delicious foods such as noodles, shrimp, egg rolls and etc. Each of these foods represents something. Noodles represent a long living life (if you don’t cut them), shrimp represents happiness and egg rolls represent wealth for the upcoming year. After fifteen days they have a lantern festival and parade to keep the bad spirits away. This all links back to the color red, the fire and the loud noises that scared Nian away all those years ago.

Chinese New Year is a special celebration of tradition that is full of love and happiness. 

On the 16th of February was Chinese New Year and as part of our writing task we wrote a explanation about How Chinese New Year is celebrated around the world. I have worked collaboratively with Josh S. Our explanation had to include some of the literacy devices like simile, compound and complex sentences. We have included these literacy devices using FANBOYS and AAAWWUBBIS. Before writing anything we watched a short video about how it all started. We wrote notes and had to discuss our ideas with our buddies. We wrote about the food they eat, the lantern festival, the race of the 12 animals and the monster name Yen who tried to destroy Chinese new year a long time ago. I learnt that on the 15th day of Chinese new year there is a lantern festival that people attend all over the world.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Art - Tech

Today LS2 had the first Tech session and everyone was really excited to get on the bus for Tamaki College. We were split up into 3 groups, I was in year 8 group B. I was with Mrs Telefoni doing art. Today as one of our we listed of everyday symbols we see for example I always see Mc Donald's when I go to my house sometimes. After that we had our second task. For this task we had to create a googles slide showing our own symbols that represent something about us like our hobbies, culture, or traditions.