Monday, 17 December 2018

City Of Sails Challenges| 3 | NZ Alphabet Key

For my fourth activity I did the Alphabet Key of Auckland. This activity was basically filling each of the alphabet letters with things that are based on Auckland. For example the letter R could be the Rugby because it is the New Zealand Sport, NZ or F can be Farming since we have a lot of farming industry. It was pretty hard because it was hard to find a topic based on Auckland that started with the letter x, y, and z, but then I figured out X Mas, Yellow eyed penguin and the Z Gas Station was one. 

City Of Sails Challenges| 2 |Where I Would Live In New Zealand?

For one of the City of Sails Challenge I decided to do what place I would live in New Zealand and why I would live there. I decided to choose Queens town, since I've been there multiple times. I would want to go to Queens town because of the large variety of activities there are especially the Skyline and Luge which is where I've been in the previous holidays. Not only that, but the Lake Wakatipu is really amazing because of its crystal clear water.

City Of Sails Challenges| 1 | City Of Sails Welcome Sign

This week for inquiry we have been researching about Auckland the City Of Sails. Our task was to do five challenges about Auckland. My first task that I did is the City Of Sails welcome sign.  In my sign I have the Harbor Bridge, a Kiwi, and the Auckland City. I found this task really fun because I was able to creative with my learning.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Victorian Era Schools/ Steampunk Art

This week for inquiry, LS2 have been learning about the Victorian Era. The Victorian era was based on Queen Victoria's time. Our first activity was to choose one of the task from Victorian time and Junior, Mataio and I decided to choose to research about the Children working in factories. We researched about this because we wanted learn how life was hard for children back in the Victorian times. I found out that kids who are age 5 to 6 and are skinny would have to climb to the chimney and clean all the yuck chemicals. In my perspectives we are lucky because back in the Victorian time if the kids spoke to each other they were smacked, but in nowadays we don't get smack for doing bad things in schools. Some of the kids doing the chimney sweep had rotten teeth because of the chemicals. After this activity we were to draw a steampunk which was based on the Victorian era. A steampunk is when modern technology is mixed with technology back in the Victorian times. I have drew a heart. Our last task was to make a DLO based on what steampunk art is and facts about it as well. I really enjoyed all activity especially drawing the steampunk. 

Friday, 23 November 2018

Athletics Day

Today was Panmure Bridge School had their annual athletics day. Everyone was split into four different teams: Yellow, Green, Red and Blue. I was in the yellow team and my teammates were Kanye, Ofa, Julian and Sky. Each team was rotating around each activity. There were 9 field events. They were rob the nest, hurdle, sponge relay, shot pot, discus, lifesaver, egg and spoon race, rest/dance station, long jump, and the Frisbee race. We all enjoyed the activities that we participated in. We had students from Tamaki College to help us with the activities. My favorite activity was the hurdle and sponge relay, because I liked how I got wet. The last field event that we did was sprints. Each year group had a different meter mark to run from. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Harry Potter Book Series

This week for reading our task was to create a DLO about a series of books that we have read. We needed to tick the books that we have read and keep the books that we have't read blank. The series that I chose to do was Harry Potter. I have read four out of the seven books. My favorite book from the series is the Goblet Of Fire. I quite liked this task because I was able to show some of my favorite books that I have read. 

2018 Read Theory Progress

As part of reading today LS2 have been making bar graphs to show their progress on Read Theory. Some of us did a bar graph which had our 2017 & 2018 progression and others had just our 2018 progress. In my opinion Read theory is a really helpful site to learn new words and to help comprehend questions. On my bar graph it shows my progression in February, July, and November in 2018. As you can see my bar graph looks like stairs, which shows how I have highly improved in 2018. When I first started in 2018 I was on grade 5 and now I am on grade 10.