Tuesday, 10 July 2018

My Soccer Match Against Metro Strikers

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On Saturday I had my second to last soccer game before the season ends. My team Ellerslie were versing Metro Strikers. Everyone really wanted to see this match because we are a tie on the table. The position I was playing is Center Midfielder. There were lot's of supporters that were for my team. In the first half my teammate Mathew scored to make it 1 - 0. After Mathew manged to get another goal and made it 2 - 0. A few minutes later I was able to score wonderful free kick to make the points 3 - 0. After that the other team worked harder as a team and was able to get a goal to make it 3 - 1. That was the first half finished. At the end we won 5 - 1. I think next time my team needs to work harder to get more accurate passes.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

La Jument Lighthouse

One of Mr Johnson's homework challenge was to read the given site about the La Jument lighthouse in France. Most of us did the homework set for us and came back to school and shared the information with others. La Jument is a famous lighthouse on the western coast of France. La Jument is especially famous because of the photo taken by Jean Guichard (who was born in France in 1952). In my DLO I have summarized the story behind the picture. One of Mr Johnston's theories was that Theodore Malgorne (Lighthouse keeper) was fired due to his careless actions. I found this task really interesting because I learnt about something that I had never heard of.

ASB GetWise

Today we had a visitor from ASB Get wise that came to talk about why it's important to save money. The visitors name was Jayden. First we were talking about how we can be smart with our money. I think if we work hard and save money, we can then buy even better things in the future such as houses and cars. After that we played a game, but we were first split into 5 groups and pretend we went to Fiji. We had a budget of $1,800 and was to spend it wisely on before we went to Fiji like our passport, the flights, accommodation, Insurance and the money we were going spend at Fiji for things such as food, groceries, and activities (like swimming with the sharks). There were a range of choices for some of the subjects such as flights had two prices. One price was $200 where you are in a seat that's uncomfortable or a flight for $700 where you have luxury seat and also food ordered to you. Our group (which was group 3) decided to take the cheaper options than the expensive which was a good idea. At the end we were happy because we cam 2nd.  

Pros and Cons

This afternoon, in LS2 as one of Mr Johnson's activities we went into our groups and discussed what the negative part of living in a lighthouse is and what the positive parts of living in a lighthouse is. In my perspectives I think the most negative or boring thing living in a lighthouse is not playing or doing your favorite things such as playing soccer. I think there is a lot of positive things living in a lighthouse such as: no paying bills, fishing and free food. I think the most positive thing of living in a lighthouse is you don't need to drive to work and being late because you're already sleeping at work which means all you have to do is wake up and it's work time. As you can see the photo above is the list of the pro's and con's you might deal with if your living in a lighthouse. In my opinion I wouldn't work in a lighthouse because you don't have anyone to company you while your there.

Lighthouse For Sale Poster

This past week, in LS2 we have been learning about lighthouses. Our task was to create a for sale poster for a lighthouse. The lighthouse I chose to do was The Tarabat Lighthouse in Scotland. This lighthouse is £330,000 and $572,000. In my poster I needed to make sure I chose the correct colors so it could stand out. I enjoyed this task because I was able to research different lighthouses. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Matariki - Alphabet

Today, to celebrate Matariki we did a collaborative task with LS1. In groups we were to choose a task that we were going to do. My group chose to do the alphabet challenge. For this needed to find Matariki related words for every letter of the alphabet. In my group there was Vayan, David, Jeremiah and I. This task was pretty easy until I we got to the end because there were some letters such as X and Q.


Today in LS2 we were working collaborating with LS1 to find out the importance of Matariki. In this collaborative task we used our smart searching skills to create a DLO and find information about Matariki. First we were to watch a video and get as much information as we could in three minutes. For this task I worked with Jeremiah, David and Vayan. The most interesting thing that I found out was that Waiti and Waita are twins.