Friday, 16 November 2018

Myths And Facts About Wolves

This week has been book week. We have had quite a few challenges based on the stories we read as young children. Our teacher Mrs Anderson has also set us a few challenges based on a few books that she read as a child. This one being Wolves. It is written by Emily Gravett, and illustrated by her too. This book explains and gives a few facts about wolves, and includes lovely images to paint a picture into your head. Our challenge, was to come up with around 5 myths about wolves, and then research them and see if they are true or false. This task could be done alone, or with a partner, so I chose to work with Alex.

Meerkat Mail

This week is book week, to celebrate book week Mrs Anderson has read three of Emily Gravett's books and has asked us to complete three activities based on the books. The books that we have read are: Wolves, Meerkat Mail, and the Big Book of Fears. All three books were written and illustrated by Emily Gravett. The book we were read too, was Meerkat Mail. It's about a Meerkat who is getting sick of living with his family and throughout the week he went and lived with relatives who live a different lifestyle he is used to. At the end of the book he finally understands why he has to live like he does so he returned home. For this task I worked with Jack.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Gold Respect C.A.R.E Award: Make Dinner For Your Family

In learning space 2 we have Care award badges. To achieve a badge we must complete five tasks. In this task I needed to make dinner for my family. I am doing this challenge for my gold respect badge. I found this task quite difficult because I did not know what to cook. But, with the help of my mum I was able to make naan bread. My mum would tell me the instructions then I would follow them. While I was making my naan bread, my mum made some delicious rice and chicken to go with it. Down below is the instructions that I followed to make my naan bread.

1. Sugar
2. Salt
3. Water
4. Flour 
5. Yeast


1. Mix the ingredients.
2. Form it into a tight ball
3. Then place it somewhere warm for about 40 - 45 minutes, so the dough can rise.
4. Once it rises, put dough out onto a floured space. 
5. Divide dough into 8 pieces and roll out with a rolling pin 
6. Then, put it inside a frying pan with non stick cooking spray on it. 
7. Cook each side for about 1 - 2 minutes.

Do Illustrations Matter? Why?

This week is book week and to celebrate this, Mrs Anderson set up a bus stop activity which asked questions about books. Some people found doing the orientation confusing but it all went to plan at the end. After we answered the questions Mrs Anderson asked us to create a statistical analysis on one of the questions. For this activity I have created both a pie graph and bar graph to expand the knowledge of my global audience by sharing with them do illustrations in a book are popular among LS2. To answer the question the majority of people said yes and this could be for many reasons including: people not pushing themselves, or students are easily hooked in by amazing artwork. Although, I have said that illustrations are not necessary they are still an amazing thing to add.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Gold C.A.R.E Award: Respected New Zealand Leader

This is a presentation on Peter Jackson a New Zealand film director. I made this dlo for one of the tasks for my gold respect badge. I needed to make a DLO on a respected New Zealander. I decided to choose Peter Jackson  He most well known for The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. Did you know that The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy won eleven Oscars

Gold Respect C.A.R.E Award: The Climb Stan Walker

Stan Walker is a New Zealand singer who started his career by winning the Australian Idol. The song 'The Climb' is apart of of his 2009 album Introducing Stan Walker. In my personal opinion I think he sang this song because of cancer and his emotional problems that can only be expressed through a meaningful song. One interesting thing I found out about Stan Walker was that he has a tattoo on his neck that reads Ataahua.(Which means beautiful) I did this task for my gold respect badge.

Gold Respect C.A.R.E Award: Thank You Letter

In LS2 we are focusing our CARE Awards. The DLO above shows you one of my gold respect task. For this task I needed to write a thank you letter to a teacher or other staff member. I have written my thank you letter to our sport teacher Mr Ogilvie. He has done a lot of things to help and support P.B.S in sports activities. In my thank you letter I have thanked him with the all the awesome things hes done with sports in P.B.S