Sunday, 1 October 2017

PBS Blogging Journey Day 1, Activity 2

Image result for stratosphere ride rainbows end

For this activity I had to find out the minimum height for the stratosphere, then we had to give a reason why I think there is a height restriction. There are two different modes such as the less extreme mode (45 degree swing angle) and the really extreme mode (360 degree swing angle). To go on the less extreme you need to be 130 cm or higher. Then to go on the really extreme your going to have to be 150 cm or higher.The reason I think there is a height restriction, is that maybe the seat belt will be to big for a smaller kid and they might fall off. Why do you guys think there is a height restriction?


  1. Hi Fraidon, I like the photo you used of the Stratosphere ride and why you think there is a height restriction. I think the same reason as you. I also like also like how you put the degree swing angles for the really extreme and the less extreme. Keep up the awesome posts!

  2. Hi Fraidon,I really like how your blurb is very big so that people can read it and understand what it is about.

  3. Hi Fraidon!
    Great job on completing this activity! I like how you wrote such a long blurb as well. I have a question though: Have you ever been on the stratosfear before?
    Great work!

  4. Hello Fraidoon
    Great job on this activity. I like the image that you have chosen. It looks awesome. Have you been on the Stratosphere before? Keep up the excellent work.