Monday, 11 December 2017

Student Leader Speech

This afternoon student leader nominees were presenting there speech in front of LS2 and Mr Johnston. I was running for sports leader. I thought I did okay but I was really nervous. Maybe if I get this role I can improve and get even better. I really hope I am the sports leader for 2018. But if I'm not, its okay at least I tried

Sports Leader Speech

Hello my name is Fraidoon. You should vote me for sports leader. Why, I shall tell. It would be an honor and privilege to serve Panmure Bridge School as this role. I am a great choice for the sports leader because I have the skills for it.

Firstly, I am a loud and confident person, which means I can represent the school without being shy or nervous. I am responsible and trustworthy. I am motivated and will encourage others to join in on the fun sports. I will represent the school really well and will strive to be a better role model each day for all the pupils in our great school.

Equally I would be a great sport leader, because I am involved in most of the sports and the inter-schools.  The sports I enjoy playing are soccer and basketball.  I give everything a go and don’t really mind if I lose. All that matters is having fun and trying your best.

I am confident to be a sport leader because I never back down. I’m also a responsible, reliable and a respectful person.  One of my responsibilities is to do the bins when someone is absent or needs to go somewhere. I have a positive attitude in everything I do and I am always motivated to learn.

I always use sportsmanship at school and inter-school. It would be a pleasure to become a \school leader, which is one of  my goals that I would like to accomplish this year. This concludes my speech and hopefully I will be able to call myself a sports leader next year. I hope I have persuaded you to vote for me. Thank You!


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