Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Summer/Winter Juxtaposition

As I jubilate out of my bed I hear the birds carolling and chirping away.    
The bright leaves rush and gush in the breeze as they sway.

The sun peered over me like it was just waiting to give me a hug.
I say hello, stride to the kitchen, and boil the jug.

I assemble and eat my breakfast, and prepare to brush my teeth.
I then walk outside, and put up the Christmas wreath.

Then I kiss my mum goodbye and dash my way to school.
But I make sure to check my bag, because that’s the school day rule.

I struggle to wake up, as I resist to get out of my warm bed.
I was stuck in the rain yesterday, now I have a fever, and a boiling head.

I dawdle through the icy smooth floor, chuck on my uniform, and go to boil the kettle.
I felt like I slept for days, maybe I’ll even get a sleeping medal.

I chuck on my bag, and scurry my way out the door.
I need to get to school fast, because I make it back home at quarter past four!

I have half an hour left, so I need to run.

Although I forgot my lunch, looks like I need to buy a cinnamon bun
This week we our class was doing poetry. First as a whole class we read a poem called Two Day Wonder. For our task we were to write our own poem about going to school in Summer and Winter. We also had to make sure our poem had a Juxtaposition. Juxtaposition means putting two opposites side by side to make a contrast. Jack, Sanujan and I thought we could challenge ourselves by making it rhyme. I learnt what Juxtaposition means.

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