Sunday, 8 October 2017

PBS Blogging Journey - Day 5, Bonus Activity

This was the last activity for the Blogging Journey. I have enjoyed it so much. It has helped me learn lot's of new things, and I can't wait for the Summer Learning Journey. For this activity, we had to make a Venn diagram comparing the Auckland to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


  1. Hello Fraidon,
    Congratulations on completing the holiday blogging challenge!I see that you enjoyed taking part in the holiday blogging challenge. Have you learnt a lot from it? This is an awesome Ven Diagram that you've created, and I love the design of it. Did you know about any of these facts? I can't wait to see more posts in the future.
    Keep Up the Awesome Blogging!

    - Jack

  2. Hi Fraidon!
    Great job on creating this! I like how you added in the people who designed the to bridges as well. I have a question though: Did it take long to find the facts?
    Great work!

  3. Hi Fraidoon
    Great job on completing all of the PBS Blogging Journey activities. Did you find most of them easy or hard? Also, do you know how many people lost their lives to build the bridges? Well done!

  4. Hi Fraidoon
    Well done for taking part in our holiday blogging challenge. I enjoyed reading your DLO as your information is clearly laid out and easy for me as the reader to make comparisons. I have been over both bridges and I did not realise the Sydney harbour bridge was shorter than the Auckland harbour bridge. Have you been over both bridges?
    Mrs A