Monday, 2 October 2017

PBS Blogging Journey Day 1, Bonus Activity

For my bonus activity, I had to watch a short video and then choose a ride that you would recommend to a friend. Also describe how you might feel and write a 25 word summary. I think I would feel a bit nervous because the Roller Coaster goes really fast and does lot's of loops.  
25 word Summary - The Roller Coaster is a ride where you can find at theme parks like Rainbow's End, also theirs a height restriction that you have to exceed.


  1. Hey Fraidon I really like the ride you have chosen to recommend to s friend and the photos you used of the ride. I also like the reason why you would recommend it to Harlem m and the layout and shades of purple you used. Fantastic!

  2. Hi Fraidon your doing very well with your poster because it is showing the link to the image and your blurb is very clear for people to understand.

  3. Hi Fraidon!
    Great job on completing this task! I like how you attributed your image as well. I have a question though: Have you been on the roller coaster before?
    Great work!

  4. Hey Fraidoon
    Great job with this PBS Blogging Journey activity. Your 25 words summary is also pretty good. Keep up the fabulous work Fraidoon.