Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 2 - Activity 1

Activity 1: After a very busy day of sightseeing you and your group drive from Tane Mahuta to your hotel in Dargaville. When you arrive you decide to sit down and record your thoughts in your travel diary.

Before you start writing, take a minute to read more about Rangitoto island, Karekare beach and Tane Mahuta.  On your blog, tell us which of the three places you most enjoyed visiting and why.  
I chose rangitoto island as my favorite place because it has plenty of activites for me to do, such as snorkeling, fishing kayaking and more. The best thing about it is the amazing view.


  1. Hey Fraidoon
    Many people chose Rangitoto island because of the view - I've never been there but the view must be good. Keep up the superb work Fraidoon!

  2. Hello Fraidoon
    Daniel is right many people chose Rangitoto island. I choose Karekare beach. I like your reason on why you like Rangitoto island the best. Have you ever been to Rangitoto island? Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Hi Fraidoon. I really like the reason behind why you chose Rangitoto. I chose Karekare beach because of the big waves. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hey Fraidoon!

    You have summed it up in a nice sentence, explains why you liked Rangitoto Island the most! It's awesome that you can do snorkelling and kayaking there! I love kayaking but have never been snorkelling - that would be fun! Have you been snorkelling?


  5. Hey Fraidoon
    I can see why you like Rangitoto! Keep it up