Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 3 - Activity 1

For this Activity I had to choose a New Zealand bird that would like to adopt and then get 5 facts about it. The bird I chose was a Kea.

1. Did you know that the scientific name of a Kea is Nestor           Notabilis.
2. Are you aware that the Kea is 48 centimeters long.
3. You probably don't know that Kea's nest in native forests.
4. A Kea is an Omnivore.
5. The population of a Kea is 3 to 7 thousand.


  1. Hello Fraidoon
    Omnivores are animals that eat meat and plants right? I didn't know many of those facts so thanks for teaching me something. Keep up the amazing work Fraidoon!

  2. Hey Fraidoon, I didn't know that Kea's 48 centimetres long. Now I have learnt something new. You have some really amazing facts. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Fraidoon. Great blogpost. The facts you have provided are interesting. The facts I find most interesting is the population of Kea. I never knew there were three to seven thousand of them. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hello Fraidoon!

    Wow! Well done on providing some great facts on the Kea! You have taught me a few things! Three to seven thousand is actually not a lot is it, which gives us even more reason to protect them and make sure they don;t become extinct! Do you know whereabouts in New Zealand they live? Like which New Zealand forests?

    Nicky ::)

  5. Hey Fraidoon
    A Kea sounds like an interesting pet too have! good job