Thursday, 7 September 2017

Taking Risks - Kiwi Can

To for Kiwi Can we were learning about taking risks. Our warm up game that we started with was called bip, bop, bounce. The main objective was to not get out (Obviously). We had to say bang before the person in the middle says "bip, bop, bounce and if you didn't you would be out. After our warm up we split up into groups and played a game called Hand Soccer. In this game we were only allowed to use our hands and score. We were also not allowed to pick the ball up, it had to be touch the ground at all times. Every person in each team had to touch the ball before scoring. Our team played really good, everyone was participating. But we couldn't score a few more goals, so the other team won. In my opinion I think the player of the game was Freeman because he was always taking risks and was a great team player. 

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