Thursday, 2 November 2017


This term for Kiwi sport we have Badminton with Kevin. Kevin is a professional Badminton player who plays for Auckland. To start off we were revising the skills that we learnt last week. The skills were juggling and using our forehand/backhand grips. Next we had to find a partner to practice serving and hitting it to each other. My partner Josh and I, each had five turns serving and hitting the shuttlecock. We had to make sure we hit it gently so it goes to my partner. Then we had a rally competition. Josh and I had to cooperate and make sure the shuttlecock dd not hit the ground. Also we had to keep an eye on the shuttle and control our swing, stance and direction. Every time we passed it to each without dropping it we would get one point, but if we dropped it we would have to start all over again. Josh did really well passing it to me and I did well passing it back. For our final score got 46 points.  

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