Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Explanation - How Children Learn At School

This week for writing we have been practicing, how to writing an explanation to First we wrote on a piece of paper. Before writing it we planned our explanation so we know what to write in our text. Josh S and I were partners. We learnt that in a explanation there has to be a title telling why or how something works, the introduction which has a hook like a rhetorical questions, 3 Paragraphs of interesting points in order and the conclusion. The writing below shows you our explanation we wrote about How Children Learn At School. 
How Children Learn At School

Have you ever wanted to know how your child is learning at school. There are so many ways children learn, like talking to others to give them more confidence. They like to learn from each other by asking questions and giving comments.

Children love trying new things and learning from them. They have the ability to think and reflect about their learning.
They are capable of asking open ended questions, which helps them learn even more. 

Most kids have role models that they look up to. By watching their role model, it encourages them to be more like that person. Some kids like sport players and are eager to learn and train like them.

Kids can also communicate by giving feedback and feed forward to one another. They like to follow good examples in ways which interests them. One way is that they practice their new skills to get even better at it.

Children learn through numerous ways. They agree or disagree on other people's opinions in a positive way. Kids learn best with and from each other.

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