Monday, 28 August 2017

Two Day Wonder Poem

Today for reading our group Ruru were doing poems. We had to read a poem called Two Day Wonder and then answer some questions about it. Today I learnt a new word called juxtaposition. The thing I found hard about this task was listing the words because it was a bit tricky finding them.

There is a clever contrast between the way the poet describes yesterday and today.  List all the words that give you a feeling of being sick, sad, depressed or bored. - Grumbled, Sulked, Dragged, Silent, Yawned and drooped

Now list all the words that describe feeling well, happy, bright and active from the second verse. - Gallops, Shines, Dances, Swish, better, Hurry, flying and clatter

The lines from each verse matchup 1 also.  List five of the opposite images.  This first one is done for you.
The street stretched silent - Cars swish, skateboards clatter.
Clouds dragged, low and slow - Clouds hurry, high and flying.
The World yawned and grumbled - The World shines and dances.
My bike lay on the drive - My bike waits by the garage.
The Dog sulked in his basket - The Dog gallops around the house.
Washing dropped on the line - Shirts, sheets, socks stream in the breeze.

This is called juxtaposition.  The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.


  1. Good to see you learning new literary devices. Were there other words that were new to you?

  2. Thank You Ms Kirkpatrick. No there weren't any other new words.