Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Why It's Important To Speak Out Against Bullying?

Today for Inquiry we were discussing why it's important to speak out and stand up against a bully. Bullies come in lots of different sizes. It is important to stop a someone from bullying a child because they are smaller and can get hurt very easily. If you see someone getting bullied you should help them and tell the bully to cut it out and stop bullying him/her, you attention seeker. Then ask the child if they're ok, and say don't show your emotions. Above is a short skit that Jaydon, Ofa and I have made about standing up to bullies.

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  1. Hi Fraidoon,

    I really like your creative way of presenting your learning of bullying. It is great to see that everyone got involved and that you made the message stand out. Well done.